Tulsa County Commissioner to Step Down from Post This Summer

Tulsa County Commissioner Fred Perry announced Monday that he would be stepping away from his post in July.

Commissioner Perry made the decision to step down Monday morning during a meeting with the other Tulsa County commissioners.

Tulsa County's Mike Willis told that Perry cited health reasons for his departure. He said the commissioner's next step will be to contact Governor Mary Fallin's office to schedule a special election.

Perry told the room of commissioners that he would step away from the post in July of this year, leaving office 18 months early. His current term expires in December of 2014.

"There comes a time when one knows it's time to retire. By giving five months notice, this will provide for an orderly selection of my replacement according to the statutes," Perry said in a press release Monday afternoon.

Willis said that pending Fallin's approval, a replacement would take over Perry's current term and seek reelection after it ends if they choose.

Perry was first elected back in 2006.

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