Tulsa Jail Inmate Charged with Indecent Exposure, Throwing Human Waste

Derrick Jefferson

A 37-year-old inmate was charged Monday with indecent exposure and throwing human waste on a government employee.

It happened early Monday morning when an investigating officer interviewed two employees about the incidents. He was told by the detention officer that Derrick Jefferson had thrown human waste on him among other details.

According to the report, after further discussion the employee also discussed an indecent exposure incident involved a nurse at the jail. He said that during an attempt to administer medication Jefferson spat on the detention officers hand and tried to put his penis through the cuff port of the door.

He said the nurse reacted surprised and closed the door quickly explaining what Jefferson had been trying to do. Jefferson also made hand motions mimicking holding a gun and shooting the nurse and the officer.

In an interview with the nurse, the investigating officer was told that Jefferson also had been aggressively presenting his middle finger.

Jefferson is in the Tulsa County Jail for larceny of automobile and possession of a stolen vehicle. Both occurred back in 2007 and 2009.