Tulsa County Jail Launches Video Visitation

The Tulsa County Jail has launched a new video visitation system.

HomeWAV is a video system that allows inmates to have video visits with friends, family members, and even clergy.

The system will allow inmates to visit with their loved ones, even if they're out of state.

Each housing unit has a webcam set up, so inmates can use the system from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. 7 days per week.

Deputies say visitation is always crowded, so this will help alleviate the problems.

Maj. Shannon Clark with the sheriff's office says deputies will still monitor the visits. "If there's any type of illicit conduct, any type of immoral or unethical conduct being displayed on that video, or if there's any type of pornography or any type of nudity, we can stop that visitation."

The video visits are limited to 20 minutes per visit, and they cost $0.50 per minute.

The user on the outside must have web access and a web cam along with a PayPal account.

For those that don't have the outside availability, there have been units installed in the visitation waiting area at David L. Moss.