Food Fight Prompts Tulsa Jail Riot

Investigators are trying to find out what sparked a violent outbreak at the David L. Moss Correctional Center. It started this morning around 5:45, at the end of breakfast.

Officials report the incident began after one inmate tossed his breakfast onto another and threw his chair. What ensued from there is being called a "high school style food fight" by jail officials. Surrounding inmates joined in the fray. There were reportedly 94 inmates in that confined area, with one detention officer, who called for help.

Tulsa's Channel 8's Kim Jackson and photojournalist Thor Fiedler learned the situation came under control shortly after it started. They were on scene, covering another story.

As many as 15 Tulsa County and city squad cars raced into the jail's inmate receiving area. None of the Tulsa officers were needed to contain the incident.

Jail officials say the response was appropriate.

"The first thing in our mind is that we are going to respond and be proactive toward coming in with force necessary to quell any type of disturbance of this nature," said Shannon Clark, spokesperson for the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

All available units were called back to duty as part of standard containment procedure. Only two inmates came in physical contact with each other, and they were not seriously injured.

One inmate could face charges of inciting a riot, because of activity that resulted in three or more people getting involved.

The 94 inmates are on lock down and could remain that way for up to 30 days. They could also have other privileges revoked.

The jail remains overcrowded by nearly 50 inmates.