County Leaders Vision2 Propositions Have Failed

County leaders are saying that both Vision2 propositions have failed.

Tulsa's Channel 8's Yvonne Lewis is at the Yes to Vision2 watch party where proponents have just announced they are disappointed to learn that the economic development and quality of life propositions were not improved.

Tulsa County Election Board has not released very many results as of yet. There are no official vote tally's to report.

According to the "Vote No On Vision2" website, opponents believe that passing the propositions would give "politicians a 'blank check.'"

@SayNotoVision2 countered the measures with "there's no guarantee #Vision2 money would go for anything @yestovision2 claims."

Vision2 follows Vision2025, which was approved in 2003. Tulsa County voters approved the decision to authorize a collection of a total sales tax of .6 percent. The proposition went into effect on January 1, 2004 and would continue through 2017.

Vision2 is comprised of two propositions. The first would increase quality of life and the second would go to economic development. It will extend the 6/10-of-a-penny sales tax and will go into effect in 2017, once Vision2025 expires. Vision2 will then end in 2029.