Porky the Pig Helps the Sheriff's Office With Fair Security

Each year deputies pick a stuffed animal to put on top of their patrol vehicle so people can spot them on the Midway.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is out at the Tulsa State Fair in full force to keep everyone safe. With all the people and loud noises on the midway, they had to come up with a creative way to be seen.

Behind the wheel of one of the six gold carts the sheriff's office uses, Sgt. Mark Stevens goes around the booths along the midway to check out all the oversized stuffed animals you can win. Stevens is looking for the perfect addition to his golf cart.

"There are so many different noises and sounds and things going on that people don't see lights, they don't hear sirens, you can't get attention," Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Mark Stevens said.

To be seen, Stevens picks a large pig each year to place on top of his golf cart. He said they pick a pig because it shows the humor and personalizes the deputies and it breaks down an old negative connotation. Since you can see them coming from a mile away the vendors and ride operators love it.

"It's kind of a unique situation and they are the only sheriff's department in all the state fairs that we do," said Ted Buzinis, Director of Public Relations for Murphy Brothers.

Along with the fun of the big pig the sheriff's office is also making sure people know they won't get away with anything out at the fair.

"People push, people shove, people steal, those people are here. They are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of someone. We don't like those people. We are going to deal with those people, we are going to take them to jail with pink handcuffs on, in a cart with a pig on top of it that is going to embarrass them," Stevens said.

Stevens said along with the officers on golf carts they will have officers watching from two towers 30 feet in the sky that has multiple cameras on them. There are cameras in the kids area to watch what's happening there. Deputies will be in uniform, on horses, on bikes, on foot, and even undercover. At any given time there will be 75 to 100 officers at the fair. Stevens said he hopes one thing is said after the fair.

"We had a good time and everywhere we stood we could see a police officer," Stevens said.

If you are going to the fair with your family Stevens suggests that you tell your children to look for officers with the big pigs on their carts or someone in a uniform. All the officers in uniform have been vetted out and the sheriff's office knows who is there at all times.