Tulsa County Weddings on 12-12-12

Dozens of couples rushed to the Tulsa County Courthouse on Wednesday to get married on 12-12-12. The couples showed up for what they say is something unique. Jody and John Stuart say they are a special couple and need a special day. But John says it's easy for him to remember.

"That's the whole purpose of this. As I get older. 12-12-12 how can you go wrong with that," says John Stuart.

Each couple went one-by-one to say I Do to Judge Mark Barcus. If they wanted to they could exchange rings. Then they were announced as husband and wife. It only took about three minutes per couple. Jody Stuart is a wedding planner and says after all the experience she has she wanted her wedding day to about the couple.

"I wanted it to be about he and I and not a lot of planning and things like that. So this makes it more concentrated on he and I. So that's what I wanted right now," says Jody Stuart.

Now it's on to planning the future together.

"We both have been a long path and we finally found our right path and we are sealing that path by coming and doing this today and we feel like it's been a great journey and an even better one to come," says Jody Stuart.

The next time all digits will line up is January 1, 2101.