Tulsa Couple Has Baby At 12:12 On 12/12/12

A local couple is celebrating the birth of their son. He entered the world at a special time on a special day.

Robert and Kelli Baker had their new baby boy, Bowen, at 12:12 p.m. on 12/12/12 at Hillcrest.

She had it by Caesarian section, but it was not a pre-planned event.

She tells us they just happened to get a noon appointment, but since it was so close they decided to go ahead and make this special moment even more memorable.

"Once we realized it was going to be 12:00 noon," says Kelli Baker. "We just decided to try to have anesthesia take it, numb me a little bit early so we could try to have Dr. Harris take him at 12 after and it just worked out perfectly."