Tulsa Deputies Arrest Man for Reported First Degree Rape

A Tulsa man was arrested for first degree rape after a woman was reportedly found naked with a knife near Glen's Auto Service Sunday night.

A citizen flagged a Tulsa County's Sheriff's deputy and told the deputy he had just seen the woman and offered her a blanket and assistance.

The citizen also told the deputy where he had seen the woman walking from, the police report states. The woman reportedly told the citizen that she had just smoked some K-2 that was laced with something.

The woman was crying and unable to communicate with emergency personnel.

Deputies approached the house of the suspect that was described to them, and had to make entry into the home because the suspect was not complying, and telling them to go away, the report states.

Deputies reportedly found K-2 in the home and the suspect, Raymond Bachman, 38, spontaneously told deputies "I've been wanting her since high school."

Bachman is being held on $105,000 bond.