Tulsa Diocese Priest Stationed In Vatican Shares His Experience This Week

Members of Tulsa's Catholic Diocese were able to experience the picking of a new pope first hand in Vatican City this week.

Father Elkin Gonzalez is a priest of Tulsa's Roman Catholic Diocese and has been studying theology in Rome 2010. He was in St. Peter's square as Pope Francis was revealed to the crowd.

He told Channel 8's Good Morning Oklahoma it was a wonderful experience. Gonzalez is from Colombia and says it's great to have a Pope from this side of the world.

"A little more than half of all the Catholics live here in the Americas, from Canada to Argentina," he said. "We have a man now who has the same experience (as Pope Benedict XIV) but is an ambassador. He has taught in seminaries in the past in Argentina. He is a man who has committed himself to serve his people in his Diocese," Gonzalez said of the new Pope.

He added that Francis' time served before he became Pope gives him a unique perspective of the state of the Church presently.