Tulsa Door-to-Door Sales Rules May Change

It happens to all of us, there's a knock at the door and you don't know the person and so often it's a salesperson going door-to-door.An Alert Neighborhood group is trying to stop the solicitors from knocking, all groups except non-profit and church organizations. This entourage of kids is scouring the neighborhood selling candy bars and hoping to raise enough cash to get to summer camp."The kids get good response, they enjoy it and we live in the neighborhood so it helps with the community helps us get to know everybody a little better," says Goldie Koon.{}{}{} {}Her kids are not the door-to-door salesmen being targeted. Jennifer Harmon is a Midtown Alert Neighbors captain and has had enough of strangers who are up to no good knocking on her door. So she went the city council with a suggestion. {}"Some kind of licensing requirement for non-legitimate traveling sales crews," says Harmon.She wants the Tulsa City council to pass an ordinance requiring traveling salesmen get a permit, that would exclude non profit and church groups. Councilor GT Bynum says with permits there are too many loopholes."All it takes is criminal to come forward and claim they represent a large national non-profit, have done some moderate forgery work and they've got a permit," says Bynum. So Councilor Bynum and city officials suggest a threefold ordinance.Door-to-door solicitation can only be done during certain hours, for example 8 am to 7 PM.If the property owner or occupants asks the person to leave the solicitor would have to under city law. Trespassing would be illegal under city law, if there's posted sign reading "No Trespassing" or "No Soliciting."Harmon says this isn't sufficient and the door-to-door salesmen will just ignore the signs. This family regardless of the law will continue to obey the signs."There was a house back there that said no soliciting and we just turned around and walked off we like to respect people's privacy," says Koon.This issue will be brought up Thursday at the city council meeting, but first the Alert Neighbors group will meet Wednesday morning with Councilor Bynum to discuss more about the possible ordinance.