Tulsa Duathlon Honoring Cyclist Hit By Drunk Driver

Almost two hundred people from around Tulsa came to the first ever Christa Voss Duathlon. Participants ran and jumped on their bikes for a good cause. Christa Voss was killed by a drunk driver in 2009, while riding her bike with two friends.{}Each person ran two 5k and biked a 30k, meaning they went about 25 miles each. Christa Voss was a runner turned cyclist. Her parents say this is all still very emotional but seeing all this support makes it better.{}"It helps us so much with our grieving part of it. I don't know what we would do without all her friends," says mother Angela Voss.{}The organizers thought there would be half as many people show up. But they wanted to get the word out that drunk driving accidents do happen all the time."It has happened before drunk driving incidents, people with road rage, going after runners or cyclists because they don't think we should be on the road with them," says event coordinator, Kate Critchfield.{}This run and bike ride was about giving back to charities but also to remind everyone to pay attention when on the roads."Always make yourself visible wear reflective gear if you are a runner run into traffic so you can see them and they can see you if you are cyclists ride with traffic," says Critchfield.{}The Voss family hopes people learn from what they are going through and they admit that people just need to understand cyclists can be on the road."I think they are always just in a hurry and in their own world and Christa always said when she became a cyclist it's a dangerous sport," says Voss.{}There is some advice for people that do see runners or cyclists on the road.{}"The worst thing anybody can do to a cyclists or runner is honk at them or try and swerve into them. Which will cause them to wreck and wreck into you," says Critchfield.{}The Voss family wants today to be about education and remembrance of their daughter."You feel sad so many ways but this makes me feel so happy ," says Voss.{}All the money raised will go to the Edmonds and Voss Memorial Funds.