Tulsa Fire Cadets Prepare For the "Real Deal"

Cadets at Tulsa's Fire Academy are getting some hands-on training over the next couple of days.

They're learning what it's really like to rush into a burning building.

Monday, cadets inside a simulator looked for signs of a flash over.

That's a fire with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall flames.

Not knowing what to do could cost a firefighter his or her life.

Chief of Training Stacy Belk says, "They would be looking for the rollover. They'll be looking for the thick dark smoke as they're crawling down the hallway or wherever they're going into that structure. They'll be looking for these signs. And if they know what they're looking for, they've been exposed to it, been through this simulator, it'll give them a better feel when they actually get into the real world."

29 Tulsa recruits and five fire captains from Sapulpa took part in Monday's training.