Tulsa Football Turns To Yoga For Flexibility

There are certain positions you're used to seeing football players in - a three point stance, or preparing for a form tackle. Not positions like downward facing dog, cobra, or warrior.

Yep, every Wednesday the Golden Hurricane put their players through a 30 minute yoga class. There was definitely an adjustment period for some of the athletes who had never experienced it before.

"There was some giggling, maybe some immaturity at first," TU strength coach Adam Davis said. "But after they get about five minutes into it, the giggles go away pretty quickly and they get down to work."

The positive impact from yoga is already apparent to the coaching staff.

"The athletes will tell you they move more fluidly," says Davis. "They feel more free when they move - they don't have to force the move. They can just do it, and do it naturally. That alone is what we're looking for."

As for the players, they've taken to the yoga class, saying the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

"I think there's more pro's than con's for sure. If I'm over here, trying to move around and stuff, it'd help to be more nimble," TU offensive lineman Jake Alexander said. "That's probably one thing I need to work on (flexibility), so why not come out here and get better at it."

Coach Davis said they will probably use yoga on Sunday's during the season to help players get over sore muscles from their games on Saturday.