Tulsa Girl Scouts at White House for Science Fair

The Lego Queens

Some of Tulsa's own girl scouts have been invited to the White House Science Fair.

The girls, Avery Dodson, 6, Natalie Hurley, 8, Miriam Schaffer, 8, Claire Winton, 8 and Lucy Claire Sharp, 8 of Girl Scout Troop 2612 will meet President Barack Obama as they present their design for a flood-proof bridge.

Their group for the project is called the "Lego Queens."

The girl scouts built a model for their flood-proof bridge based on the recent damaging floods in Estes Park, Colorado. Emergency responders to the Estes Park floods ran into trouble because some bridges had been washed out, denying responders access to certain communities.

The design was part of the Junior First Lego League's Disaster Blaster Challenge, in which thousands of Elementary-aged students explored how simple machines can help solve real life natural disasters.

The flood-proof bridge model mechanizes the bridge with motors and gears, and a computer program developed by the girls would cause the bridge to retract when flood conditions set in through a motion sensor in the river bed.