Tulsa Girls Art School To Host Gallery Of Latest Work

Students like Amanda Zimmerman will display their work tonight.

Some of the city's youngest artists will put their work on display Thursday night.

Tulsa Girls Art School hosts its Meet the Press event this evening starting at 5:30 in the Kendall Whittier neighborhood.

TGAS director Matt Offset said the name refers to a new printing press the school received as a donation.

The girls carve designs into wood and cover it with paint. The plate is then pressed on paper to make posters.

When done, girls like Amanda Zimmerman will present their work to potential buyers. She has been with the art school for a few years now, and recalls the first time she showcased her work.

"The very first time was nerve-racking because you have to talk to people you cant just stand there. But it's a chance to people to under stand why, and what's your story of your painting or photograph and the meaning behind everything," she said.

The art is on display and for sale. Proceeds go to the girls, who are then taught how to manage money and run a small business.

You can see their work in person at the TGAS studio located at 2202 E. Admiral Blvd. just east of Downtown Tulsa. Admission to the show is free.

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