Tulsa Global Alliance Meeting Strengthens International Communication

Hundreds gathered at the Tulsa Global Alliance to strengthen international communication.

Dr. Jami Fullerton is a professor at Oklahoma State University and was the keynote speaker of Monday's "Propaganda, Promotion or Public Diplomacy? How U.S. Government Sponsored Global Media Campaigns Change Attitudes Toward America" speech.

Topics included how the government influences audiences abroad and also how other nations form opinions of America.

"It's important to come together and talk about these issues," Dr. Fullerton says. "The U.S., and even Tulsa, is part of a bigger community, and it's important to us to reach out to our global neighbors and encourage understanding, and, hopefully, we will get along better."

Tulsa Global Alliance's goal is hosting international visitors and improving Tulsa's relationships with other cities around the nation.

Dr. Fullerton's current research program is focused on mediated public diplomacy efforts since 9/11.