Tulsa Habitat for Humanity Super Blitz Kicks Off

Tulsa Habitat for Humanity kicked off its "Super Blitz 2014" this morning as volunteers raised the walls on eight homes.

ONEOK and ONE Gas employees joined more than 280 volunteers helped Tulsa Habitat on the homes, which are located on North Rockford and the Crutchfield neighborhood.

"The Super Blitz is a way to make a huge impact on a community in a short amount of time," said Tulsa Habitat executive director Paul Kent. "It is also a way to raise awareness of the need for improved housing for many Tulsa families. We are grateful for ONEOK and ONE Gas and the many others that are supporting the Super Blitz."

Tulsa Habitat provides the new homeowners money-management seminars and other workshops as they get ready to live in their new home.

The Super Blitz program needs approximately 2,500 volunteers.

Groups of five or more can contact Paula Blalock at and others can register at