Tulsa High School Honored For Environmental Work

Memorial High School is the recipient of the 2011 Green School of the Year award from the Tulsa Metropolitan Environmental Trust, thanks to the efforts of its Earth Team. The student-driven organization was started in 2005 with nine members and now has more than 100.

In 2011 the students involved with the Earth Team worked with Blue Thumb, a water education program through the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, conducting field work at LaFortune Park's Little Joe Creek and two ponds.

"The students at Memorial High School don't need encouragement from me to participate in the Earth Team," said John Beasely, environmental studies teacher at Memorial. "Young people today are very motivated to be a part of something larger than themselves and to make a difference in the future of their community."

This year, the Earth Team is looking for options to repurpose and reuse materials, such as those used at the Route 66 Marathon, Beasley said.