Tulsa Housing Market Healthy

Sellers start your engines, cause more and more buyers are racing to the market.

"It seems like only yesterday we were flirting with 10,000 homes in the inventory and now we're down around 6,300," said realtor Ryan McDaniel of Accent realtors.

Houses are moving and there's competition amongst buyers.

"They'll have situations where they'll have 3 or 4 consecutive homes that they offer on that'll have multiple offers on them, that's definitely a change," he said.

All of which is great news for Bryan McCracken.

"I'm gonna set a price that's hopefully reasonable, where someone will say that's a good price, let's take it and go," he said.

One thing sure to entice buyers to take a look at his near Florence park property, interest rates?

"When I bought this house 10 years ago interest rates were 9%, now they're 3 1/2%, so that's remarkable," he said.

Add that to a breathable banking environment when it comes to offering loans.

"The pendulum is starting to swing back the other way it seems, you know where it's financing is obtainable, and it's loosing up a little bit," said McDaniel.

McCrakaen has used this home as a rental property and at $119,500, is pitching it as possibly the same for the next owner.

"This would be a good debt to take on because at 3 1/2% with a cash flow with a tenant, it's a great opportunity for someone," he said.

An all ships rising with the tide housing market, with a slight lean towards sellers.

"You'll probably sell this by the end of this story," said Channel 8. "Maybe so, maybe so, maybe so," smiled McCracken.