Tulsa International Is Among Nation's Most Expensive Airports, Report Says

A new report puts Tulsa International Airport among the most expensive in the nation.

Boyd Group International Inc., an airline consulting firm, finds that Tulsa's main airport is the 6th costliest out of the country's 100 largest airports.

It costs more than 21.1 cents per mile to travel.

The report says it's because there are fewer direct flights. More stops and shorter flights can add up fast.

Tulsa leaders and aviation officials have been trying to attract more airlines to Tulsa International and get existing carriers to add more non-stop flights.

Here's the top 5:

1. Dallas' Love airport (24.3 cents/mile)

2. Memphis, TN airport (22.1 cents/mile)

3. Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky airport (22 cents/mile)

4. Houston Intercontinental (21.6 cents/mile)

5. Cleveland (21.3 cents/mile)