Tulsa Is A Leading City When It Comes To Bike Trails

With much of the nation dealing with gasoline prices of $3.75 a gallon, many cities and states are looking at alternative transportation.

One favorite is the expansion of bicycle trails.

But fortunately, Tulsa is well ahead of the situation with a fast-growing system that works for exercise and commuters.

James Wagner is the Transportation Coordinator for the Indian Nation Council of Governments.

He says the way our system is laid out has a lot of advantages.

It connects neighborhoods to downtown and that's not the case in many cities.

Since 1999 the system has grown from just 25 miles to about 100, with a lot more trail work being planned.

Future additions will link Owasso, Bixby and Sapulpa to the metro system.

INCOG Executive Director Rich Brierre says we've made amazing progress in the last dozen years, with good momentum for the future.

Brierre will tell you the Tulsa system is the envy of many communities across the country.

He says the trails weave or cities together, cut air pollution and provide great opportunities for exercise.

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