Tulsa Is A Top Location For Birding

Thisarea is blessed with a lot of great outdoor opportunities.

Butdid you know this is one of the best places in the country for birds?

The2011 movie "The Big Year" got a lot of people interested inbird watching.

It'sbecoming especially popular with Baby Boomers.

However,it turns out there area 800 members of the Audubon Society here inTulsa who already appreciate it's rewards.

Earlierthis week, we joined a group that's out every Tuesday morning nomatter what the weather.

JanaSingletary admitted she had tough time getting out of bed thatmorning.

Butbefore long she was on the banks of the Arkansas River, at 23 degrees,with her friends.

Singletarysays birding is a passion that helps she experience the variety thatOklahoma has to offer.

Plus its a chance to get some good exercisewith good friends.

At81 years of age, Jo Loyd was also out counting bird species, thatchange with every season.

Onthis morning there were many Mallard and Gadwall ducks, along withgulls, pelicans and a solitary Canvasback.

Loydsays they make a list of what they see each Tuesday and exotic findsare reported to the state Audubon Society's list or rare sightings.

BrandonScott will tell you its an exciting hobby, but it's about more thanthe birds.

Hesays it offers the challenge of hunting, but there aren't any guns.

Healso says it gets him in touch with our natural world in a way that'sspecial to him.

Thatgroup meets at La Fortune Park every Tuesday at 8:30am, no experienceis required.