Tulsa Is Alive With Classic Mustangs

If you're into horsepower, racing, or just love nice cars, Tulsa is a great place to be this weekend.

The Mid-America Ford Shelby Nationals is underway.

It's the largest gathering of its kind in the country.

It's brought well over a 1000 special cars to this area.

On Thursday night, the Brady District was packed with classic Mustangs and other unique Fords.

Organizer Earl Groves says the Mustang is very special.

"The 64 and a half was the 1st mustang designed by Lee Iacocca.

It became the 60's car to have.

Not much of a back seat, but it was fun."

The drivers who are here this weekend, don't just sit around and polish their chrome.

They do show off their cars, but the also drag race and put them on a road track.

Groves says Ford is a big supporter of the event and they like to the company's commitment to the latest technology.

John Frakes owns a Shelby that was made for Hertz in 2007.

500 were made to be used as rental cars.

Frakes says it's a good investment and Mustangs are a whole lot of fun.

"I've owned one since I was 16-years old and I've been with Ford forever. It's just something I've always had a yearning for. I just really love the cars."

Randy Roberts just as proud of his 2008 GT 500.

Like many of the owners at the gathering he's added a few upgrades.

It now turns a powerful 630 horsepower.

He says the cars are a lifetime addiction.

"That's what I got into it in high school and I tried to shake it but I always went back to Mustangs."

If you want to see the cars, they'll be at the Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park. on Saturday.

That's followed by a big car show at the Southern Hills Marriott, on 71st Street, on Sunday.