Tulsa Is One Step Closer To Water In The River

A Tulsa task force is working on putting water in the Arkansas River by taking a tour of possible sites for low-water dams.

City Councilors say the long-term plan would require eight dams from the Keystone Lake to Bixby.

They are starting with just four of those dams, and are trying to get the necessary permits for them.

While the Zink Lake Dam would be raised and modified.

City leaders took a bus tour to key stops along the river Thursday.

The objective was to give those involved a first-hand look at the river and what's involved in the process.

Councilor G.T. Bynum was one of the council members present. He says Thursday's goal was to experience the river in person. "It seems little, but it makes a big difference," Bynum says, "to get out here, standing next to the Arkansas River, not just driving by it on Riverside," Bynum says. "Because, for most of us, our view of the river is driving by on Riverside Dr., it's not standing over it," Bynum says. "Being out here, seeing it, you get a greater appreciation of the tremendous opportunities that there are here, how beautiful it really is," Bynum says.

The task force has been meeting for the past nine months.

The hope is to have a funding plan on the Tulsa ballot in the months ahead.

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