Tulsa Jail Overcrowding Leads to Questions Over Solutions

Jail overcrowding is an issue gaining more attention in Tulsa, recently and it is one that brings with it, an array of problems. Wednesday, the sheriff addressed the issue.

The issue of overcrowding is nothing new for the Tulsa County jail and with reports of criminals being let out of jail early on Wednesday, many are raising questions about a long-term solution.

According to Sheriff Stanley Glanz, it is a complex issue.

With 1,700 beds in the David L. Moss Detention Center and 1,800 inmates, the jail faces health and safety issues.

Glanz says the only real solution to the overcrowding problem is more space -- something he says, the jail has room for on the property.

"What we need is a revenue source that will not only build pods today -- four pods today -- but in the next 7 or 8 years, they'll add another 4 pods," Sheriff Glanz said.

The sheriff says there is room for ten more so-called 'pods' on the jail site.

The county reports an influx of bookings this week for the extreme overcrowding on Wednesday.