Tulsa, Jenks Schools Say They're Prepared For Emergencies

In light of the tragic mass shooting an elementary school in Newtown, CT, Tulsa Public Schools is letting parents know that their kids are safe when in class.

They tell us security guards are stationed at campus high schools and junior highs.

Half of schools either have cameras or door locks where visitors must be "buzzed" in.

They also do 14 drills a year to prepare for emergencies, including shootings like Friday's massacre that left 27 people dead, including the gunman.

"Because I am a parent first, I think that's why this hits home more so with those who are in my position," says TPS Campus Police Chief. "It is our obligation, it is our duty, it is our mandate, it is our calling to protect the most innocent people there are and that's children."

In Jenks, Superintendent Kirby Lehman says they will have an increased police presence on all campuses.