Tulsa Library Celebrates President Obama's Birthday

Happy birthday President Obama!

Barack Obama turned 53 years old Monday with very little fanfare in Washington, DC.

In Tulsa, at the Rudisill Library, a group called Organizing For Tulsa celebrated with cake and ice cream.

They also put out some memorabilia from the Obama campaign.

It's been a tradition ever since his election in 2008.

Mike Workman with Organizing For Tulsa says, "We've invited the public again for cake and ice cream. And we hope to do this every year and next year and beyond. And maybe 10 years from now it may or may not be a federal holiday!"

According to Workman, generations of blood relatives to the President lived here in Oklahoma at one time, including Okmulgee, Wellstone, the other two are over near Ada. And he says, there are a lot of indirect relatives buried here in Tulsa.

The organization has invited the First Family to Tulsa for a private visit.