Man Accused of Kidnapping, Raping Woman Due for Preliminary Hearing

A 23-year-old man is due in a Tulsa court room today for allegedly kidnapping, raping and attacking a woman back in October.

Jeremy Wesley Harp, of Tulsa, is set to appear in court for his preliminary hearing Thursday on charges of domestic violence, rape, sodomy, kidnapping and possession of marijuana.

On Oct. 3, reported that Tulsa Police questioned Harp about the allegations that he attacked a woman while holding her against her will for a week, according to the arrest report.

Police were told by the woman that she was at a friend's house and Harp said he was coming to get her and would kick in her friend's door if she didn't come out. The woman said she went with Harp to protect her friend, according to the police report.

The woman claims Harp then took her to one of his friend's house where he forced her to have sex with him and beat her repeatedly, according to the report.

When police questioned Harp, he said that the woman went for a walk and came back beat up, the report read.

He was previously arrested for possession of marijuana.