Tulsa Man Arrested For Beating Pit Bull With Shovel

Michael Robertson

A dog is recovering after it was beaten in a midtown Tulsa neighborhood.

Hydro, an 80-pound pit bull is more than 10 years old.

Neighbors say they saw the dog's owner strike him five to eight times with a shovel.

He suffered a fracture to his eye socket, several cracked teeth.

He also needed stitches and the veterinarian discovered a life-threatening tumor that has gone untreated.

Marc Hatter came to the dog's rescue and is shocked by what he saw.

"Take into consideration the sheer magnitude of what it takes to beat an animal or any creature 7 or 8 times with a shovel in full frontal display of an audience more-or-less, your neighborhood," says Hatter. "What mind does that? And why? That's the most disturbing thing about all of this."

49-year-old Michael Robertson was arrested for animal cruelty.

He bonded out after four hours.

Epic's Pit bull Rescue is helping out. They're asking for donations to cover Hydro's medical costs and they want to find him a permanent home.

They need about $500 for the remaining costs. You can donate on their website,