Tulsa Man Arrested Under Suspicion of Burglary

A 29-year-old man is under arrest Wednesday after allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriends apartment a block east of Southwest Boulevard.

Tulsa Police said they responded to a report of a first degree burglary at Brightwater Apartments on South Olympia Avenue.

When TPD arrived at the scene, security officers with the apartment complex had already detained the suspect, Rarue Caddy, until the police arrived.

According to the report, police spoke with the victim telling them that Caddy had moved out of the apartment back in August. She said that Caddy went to her apartment Tuesday evening to pick up personal items he had left after moving out.

Upon Caddy's arrival, the victim said that he began banging on the door and then kicking it to gain entry into her apartment. Security at the apartment told police that Caddy had damaged the door so bad they had to force it open so the victim could leave.

The victim is also Caddy's ex-girlfriend who told police that Caddy had threatened to hurt her by "cutting her" in the last several days. She also stated that back on Oct 1., Caddy had assaulted her by punching her in the face.

Caddy is due in court next Thursday.