Tulsa Man Brings Alligator for 'Show-and Tell'

A Tulsa man brought an alligator for show-and-tell at Tulsa Community College, Wednesday, May 1.

A six-and-a-half foot American Alligator was the center of attention at TCC. According to Justin Williams, an animal welfare officer, the alligator was found in the trunk of the suspect's vehicle.

"What he said was, his teacher told him it would be a good idea to bring in an alligator for, I guess, show-ant-tell," Williams said. "I didn't know you still had that in college..."

The suspect brought the alligator to the classroom, showed it to the class and returned it to his vehicle before being found by campus security, according to Williams.

"Ah, I mean, at least he had the mouth taped shut and everything," Williams said. "You're not supposed to own an alligator in the State of Oklahoma, period. And you're not supposed to have a reptile out in a public place unless it's enclosed."

According to Williams, this is not the first 'gator to be found in Tulsa.

"This is the second American Alligator that we've had inside the city limits in the last five years," Williams said, "It's been close to four, five years, maybe three is pushing it, that I got my last one at 77th and Riverside."

Williams stated that the alligator was in the custody of a game warden.