Tulsa Man Requesting Task Force to Develop Earthquake 'Action Plan'

Bob Jackman is a independent geologist, who has worked in the oil and gas industry. He says, there is clear evidence to support his claims as to what is causing Oklahoma's increase in earthquakes, but it is often contrary to what many think.

Jackman cites several studies, saying the increase in earthquakes throughout the Sooner State is not a result of fracking, but the wastewater disposal wells, used by the oil and natural gas industry.

He's now joining forces with State Senator Jerry Ellis (D) of Valliant, requesting a federal task force to affect change with the use of those disposal wells.

Jackman says the public's safety is at risk and many are now fearful of a catastrophic earthquake striking Oklahoma.

"They are frightened -- and rightfully so -- and yet they're frustrated, because the political leaders and the elected leaders here in the state have not come up with any action plan," Jackman said.

An "action plan" is exactly what the geologist and senator are hoping to come up with, in the event of a major earthquake striking Oklahoma.

At the time of this posting, the most recent earthquake was recorded on Thursday with an epicenter in Medford, registering as a 3.2 magnitude on the Richter Scale.