Tulsa Man Taken into Custody Following Wreck into Tree

A Tulsa man was arrested early Tuesday morning in midtown after he was reportedly found passed out in his wrecked vehicle

Tulsa Police placed Nicholas Hingey under arrest just after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday near the 1100 block of S. Harvard Ave. He was charged with a driving under the influence complaint following his collision into a tree in the neighborhood.

According to the arrest report, when the police officer arrived at the scene he found Hingey being removed from behind the wheel of the wrecked vehicle by emergency personnel.

Upon further investigation he found that Hingey's vehicle had driven through the back fence of a bar's parking lot, through the back yard of a house and stopped after it impacted with a tree in the back yard.

"The suspects vehicle impacted the tree with enough force to cause both airbags to deploy and cause enough front-end damage to make the car undriveable," the officer described in the police report.

When the officer made contact with Hingey he found that he exhibited all the classic signs of intoxication, including:

- Slurred Speech

- Red bloodshot eyes

- Staggered gait

- Strong smell of alcoholic beverage about his person

The officer also wrote that Hingey was so intoxicated that "he could not stand without falling over and had an inability to respond to questions or verbal commands."

Hingey was placed under arrest after the officer conducted a sobriety test. He is due in court next week.