Tulsa March For Life Rally Expected To Draw Thousands

In a school of more than 8-hundred students, one of them stands out especially today.

"My name is Madison Moseley."

In between her class time and studies, the high school senior is also president of a pro life organization at Bishop Kelley.

"It's just something I've always been passionate about with my family."

Madison says she's always cared about kids and has volunteered with special needs children. She's been involved with the Tulsa March of Life and for 3 of the last 4 years, she's traveled to Washington D.C. to take part in the national pro-life rally.

"Just kind of show people what you believe in a peaceful way not like shouting in their faces, just kind of silently walking and showing them we care," adds Madison.

Three of Madison's siblings will accompany her to D.C. So will dozens of other students and adults from all over Oklahoma. While she carries a pro-life message she understands not everyone shares her views.

"I think people are a lot of times are not knowledgeable about the issue itself they just kind of go with what they hear, I think that's kind of a problem we have today. People are naive about what's happening they go with the first thing they hear," says Moseley.

Planned Parenthood issued the following statement. On the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, we recognize the need for continued access to safe and legal abortion for a woman if and when she needs to consider it. Abortion is a deeply personal and complex decision for a woman. Even though you may not agree with a woman's decision to end her pregnancy the majority of Americans support and respect that each woman should be able to make her own decision about her pregnancy.

Access to abortion is legal, constitutionally protected, and supported by a majority of Americans; yet some extreme organizations and lawmakers insist on interfering in a woman's personal decision making. From the State House to Capitol Hill, we will work to protect access to health care for women, no matter what. As a leading women's health care provider we work every day to reduce unintended pregnancies and keep women healthy.