Tulsa Mayor Race: Week in Review

Bill Christiansen at Pancho Anaya. (Photo: Christiansen Facebook Page)

Here's your rundown of what happened this week in the race to be Tulsa's next mayor.

At the first of the week, Bill Christiansen created a stir with robo-calls talking about how Kathy Taylor and Dewey Bartlett were involved with the city's deal with now-defunct Great Plains Airlines. Whoever's side you're on, we recommend a law and/or accounting degree to make sense of it all. Christiansen claims the deal resulted in a waste of $7 million, while Taylor and Bartlett's campaigns said Christiansen was just mud-slinging.

North Tulsa got a lot of attention this week from the candidates.

Following Kathy Taylor's lead, Bill Christiansen opened a new campaign office in North Tulsa on Monday.

Also on Monday, Bartlett and Christiansen were at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Pancho Anaya, a Hispanic bakery in North Tulsa. Taylor made a stop at the bakery too later in the week before meeting with Hispanic leaders.

Taylor was in north Tulsa again on Thursday speaking to the North Tulsa Rotary Club.