Tulsa Mothers Turn to Essential Oils for Health Benefits

A Growing Trend

Green Country is seeing a growing trend of people wanting to avoid over-the-counter medication.

Area mothers have started taking an all-natural approach using essential oils, they're basically oil distilled from plants. Many people say they're seeing a huge benefit.

Cindy Land, a Bartlesville mother, says using essential oils has absolutely changed her family for the better. The oils can be seen around her house in diffusers and bottles.

"Along with allergies, its helped them (her kids) with their school work, their focus, calming them down to be able to pay attention," Land said.

The essential oils have also helped Land's husband.

"I tend to be very skeptical about things, so I kinda want proof," Ryan Land said.

Ryan spent a day mowing the lawn, but later that night couldn't sleep from severe allergies.

"She put a bunch of stuff together and rubbed it on me and that night I actually slept the whole night," Land's husband said. "The night before I had a couple hours of sleep here and there and it was a horrible night. So the next night I was like okay put that back on me again because it was . . . made a huge difference for me."

Local health food stores like Akins near 51st and Memorial are seeing more and more customers asking about them. Akins Sales Supervisor Sally Karlovitz says, "They have the essence of some of the best benefits of the plant in them, and ya, we're selling a lot of them these days."

Marcella Vonn Harting

One of the main companies that sells essential oils is Young Living Essential Oils. Distributor Marcella Vonn Harting recently hosted a Young Living workshop in Tulsa to a sold-out crowd at Renaissance Hotel on 71st and Highway 169.

Vonn Harting has worked with essential oils for more than 20 years. "I think there's a consciousness of people wanting to be healthy," Harting said. "They want to smell good, they want to look good and they want things that are more natural to them."

Lavender For Relaxation

Essential oils are basically made from the blood of the plant. Lavender is often used by parents to help their children relax, get better sleep, even help heal burns.

Land says for kids, lavender can be rubbed on the back of their neck where the skin is not as sensitive. Other oils are put on the sole of feet or other locations depending on the use.

Several pediatricians in the area weren't familiar with the benefits of essential oils, but they weren't against their patients trying them. Pediatricians did warn that the bottles of oils should be kept away from small children and that an expert in essential oils should be contacted before starting treatments.