Tulsa Musician Writes Song in Response to Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

Tulsan Eric Himan, an openly gay touring musician in a rock band, was in the middle of his tour in Arizona when the Arizona state Senate recently passed anti-gay state bill 1062.

"It made me angry because I respect everybody and their right to their own beliefs and religions, but I don't agree with people using religion to discriminate openly. To create laws to get people to leave is ridiculous," Himan said.

When he heard of the bill on the radio in Arizona, Himan was prompted to write a song in response. The song, "Not Going Anywhere Tonight," garnered some national attention.

Himan said the reaction after posting his song has been overwhelmingly positive and he appreciates the support that has come his way.

"Equality is not something that should be voted on. It is deserved," Himan said. "Everybody deserves the right to be equal in this country. The bill opens the door for more discrimination."

Himan wants to spread his message, because he feels that a bill could like SB 1062 could be passed in any state.

As a part of his tour, Himan is performing tonight at Club Majestic in Tulsa.

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