Tulsa Officials Provide Comments on American Airlines, US Airways Merger

Tulsa officials provided their own comments Thursday morning after the announcement was made that US Airways and American Airlines would merge.

While it may be awhile before the merger is complete, once all is said and done the two companies could possibly become the largest airline in the U.S. But what do some of Tulsa's officials think?

"This is a tremendous opportunity for Tulsa as US Airways recognizes the significance of our talented workforce and their commitment to hard work," Mayor Dewey Bartlett said. "The City of Tulsa is grateful that American Airlines and US Airways are committed to Tulsa and that our future in the Aerospace/Aviation industry looks very bright."

Bartlett also said that through the support of the regional chamber, City Council and other city officials, Tulsa has created a unified effort in approval of anything to do with the industries at the airport.

Earlier this week the Associated Press reported that US Airways has pushed for months for a merger. AMR executives were initially reluctant, but the company's bankruptcy creditors urged AMR to consider a merger that they could compare to an independent American Airlines.

And while the ongoing restructuring process with American Airlines has been difficult at times, the Tulsa Regional Chamber said "it ultimately proved successful as thousands of high-paying jobs were saved in our community."

"US Airways is a rising star in the airline industry, and this merger will create the world's largest airline," Tulsa Regional Chamber's Mike Neal said. "American Airlines, a beacon of our nation's history, and of Tulsa's history, has been home to generations of skilled-workers."

According to a release from Neal's office, the new company will offer more than 6,700 daily flights. That's 336 destinations in 56 countries.

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