Tulsa People Weighs In On Oklahoma Health Epidemics

Tulsa People magazine is tackling tough issues that plague thousands across Oklahoma.

Writer Nellie Kelly stopped by the KTUL studios Thursday to talk about her portion of a feature article in the upcoming April edition.

It's called "Code Blue", and deals with issues dragging down the state's health ranking such as smoking and obesity.

"The United Health Foundation says, in black and white, the United States is better at treating disease than preventing it", Kelly said, citing that change will only come once Oklahomans find a way to overcome their longstanding habits.

"Code Blue" is the second portion of a three-part Tulsa People series called Unacceptable: Oklahoma at the Bottom. The March issue dealt with the state's high incarceration rate among women.

The April edition will hit newsstands this weekend. You can pick up a free copy of Tulsa People at any area Starbucks location, or get the e-edition online at

Tulsa People is also available through an app for Apple products.

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