Man Shot, Killed by Police in Midtown Standoff Identified

Police identified a man killed Wednesday morning during a standoff situation near 11th and Rockford.

Tulsa Police spent the morning at the standoff after neighbors reported hearing gunfire from an apartment. When police arrived on scene, they found Cody Young standing near the window of his second story apartment armed with a rifle.

"It was about 12:45 and I heard a gun shot and i was like what in the world is going on," resident Spencer Conner said. "Of course I didn't want to get up and look out the window because I didn't want to be shot."

Officers evacuated all residents while the suspect stayed inside armed with a shotgun. TPD said they could hear the suspect mumbling and pulling the trigger on an unloaded gun. According to officers, the suspect eventually fired at them and that's when Officer Gene Hogan shot back.

Members of Young's family told KTUL that he was a good kid, who was suffering from a disorder. They stated they are not upset with police, but frustrated that Young couldn't get the right help he needed.