Tulsa Police Cracking Down on School Zone Speeders

The Tulsa Police Department is ramping up patrols in school zones. Starting Monday January 7, you will see more officers watching your speed. Last January, more than 220 tickets were written for the month.

The police department says with the two week break, drivers will forget that school zones are up and running again. On average last year, the police department wrote 162 school zone speeding tickets each month and some of the schools zones are on major roads.

"When they get on some of the major thoroughfares, some of these streets could be 35, 40, or 45 mile an hour and then you have a 25 zone at those speeds you can't stop," says Officer Craig Murray, Tulsa Police Department Traffic Coordinator.

Office Murray says that's when an accident would happen. Getting a school zone speeding ticket is not cheap. Officer Murray says it's an automatic book to court and the fine starts around $200 to $250 but could go up to $500 and include jail time. Officer Murray says they hope people will pay attention and the number of tickets goes down.

"We look at the fact that seat belt violations have gone down over the years but again it's because we do a lot of focus maybe having this focus starting tomorrow people will be doing something right," says Officer Murray.

The traffic officers will be out from January 7 until January 11, 2013. No warnings will be given throughout the entire week.