Tulsa Police Investigate Possible Shooting on South Riverside

Tulsa police investigated a possible shooting at 4300 South Riverside Saturday evening.

Police were dispatched to the location about 6:45 p.m. due to a vehicle in the middle of the road according to Cpl. C.J. Jackson.

Witnesses told investigators they saw a black male in the road who seemed upset and was kicking a white pickup.

One neighbor told police they saw blood on his shirt but no one reported hearing any gun shots.

EMSA arrived before police and transported the 39-year-old man to a local hospital.

"They discovered that he had been possibly shot or grazed by a bullet," said Jackson.

Police could not confirm at the scene that the victim had been shot because he was transported before they arrived. He was described as very uncooperative with investigators.

They later determined that the man had been involved in an assault and battery and was not shot.