Tulsa Police Officer a Part of 3 Gun Nation Pro Series

For the past three years, the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series shooting competition has only been for men. This year, they are opening it up to an elite group of women, and a Tulsa Police officer is one of those women. Ten ladies have earned their spot on this pro series. Each pro has to use a riffle, shotgun, and pistol, and it's not easy to be a master of all three.

"I feel like I am a jack of all trades and a master of non," says Tulsa Police Officer, Dianna Liedorff.

Liedorff has served as a Tulsa police officer for more than 20 years and has been shooting all three guns since 2009.

"I scrunch in two full time jobs of police officer and shooting competitively," Liedorff says.

The stages are designed to test speed and accuracy. It's the first time the 3 Gun Nation has been in Tulsa. There are about 50 men on the pro series but the organizers say these women can give those men a run for the top spot.

"These girls can play. They know how to shot and break down stages. The very best men on our pro tour are phenomenal, but these ladies can hold their own," says 3 Gun Nation Vice President Chad Adams.

Adams says all these pros speed hours training for these events.

"When they aren't on the range firing, they are in their basement dry firing, practicing loading; it really does take a lot to compete at the highest level," Adams says.

The pros can't go through the stages and shot, they can only walk them, and many of them don't come from a law enforcement or military background. But Liedorff says she has noticed that this is helping her be a better police officer.

"I take back to the police department and my work on the streets, I can go to work and I know my skill set and I am comfortable with my weaponry and I know exactly what I can and cannot do," Liedorff says.

There are six events for this series, and the top four ladies will compete in January for $25,000. Liedorff came in fourth at Saturday's event.

Saturday's event will air on the Sportsmen Channel in two episodes. 3 Gun Nation will be back in Tulsa June 22. You can go to their events for free as long as you take ear and eye protection.