Suspect in Custody in Sexual Assault Cases

Police have a suspect in custody in the string of sexual assaults.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan said officers will present the District Attorney with a case against Desmond Campbell in connection to seven of the attacks.

Jordan said the news is a welcome relief to the task force working the case and to the victims.

"I hope this does give them some peace and all the women in Tulsa I hope it gives them some peace," Jordan said.

Police say evidence examined at the Tulsa Crime Lab and by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation linked Campbell to the attacks.

The chief would not confirm if the evidence was DNA.

Chief Jordan said officers located Campbell after learning he was in the hospital after a single vehicle crash at 5:45 a.m. Sunday morning, about 10 minutes after the last attack.

Police say Campbell has been in an unresponsive coma since the wreck and is still in the hospital.

Police say they are still investigating a sexual assault on 71st Street that was originally reported to be linked to the case. Police do not think Campbell is connected to the attack at this time, Jordan said.

The chief said he thinks Campbell resembles the sketch that was released only "a little bit in the nose."

Jordan said the sketch was only based on one victim's description of the attacker.

"Perceptions under duress and those kinds of circumstances don't always give us the most accurate perceptions of what somebody looks like," Jordan said.

Campbell was released from prison in April 21 after serving time for an attempted kidnapping conviction out of Oklahoma City.

He also has a prior conviction for attempted robbery.

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