Jenks Shooting Ends With Standoff at St. Francis Hospital

A shooting in Jenks ended in a police standoff Friday morning outside St. Francis Hospital.

Police say while driving down Main Street in Jenks, 62-year old Burgin Towe shot his 27-year old son. It's unclear where the two were headed but they ended up at St. Francis ER when the younger Towe was shot in the leg.

Authorities said the son arrived at the ER with a gunshot wound to his leg. He told hospital officials that his father shot him, and was outside in a pickup. Saint Francis then placed the facility on lockdown.

"We had an individual that had already shot someone, shot his own son and posed a greater danger to maybe allowing someone to leave," Officer Leland Ashley said.

Officers negotiated with Tower for about three hours before the standoff ended and he was taken into custody.

EMSA crews did not take patients to St. Francis during the lockdown and had to reroute patients to other hospitals.

"They have their heart center here; they have a children's hospital here, not to mention the trauma center," EMSA Supervisor Joe Ringer said. "This is a very, very busy hospital."