Tulsa Police Step Up Enforcement on BA and Highway 169

Heed the warning or pay the price.

Your drive in construction zones will be closely watched starting Monday. The Tulsa Police Department Mingo Valley Traffic Unit will focus on posted speed violations in the Highway 169 and Broken Arrow Expressway Interchange.

"People are not paying attention. Wether there is construction or not they are just not slowing down. They are not yielding the right of way, changing lanes unsafely and there are too many crashes," Tulsa Police Department Traffic Coordinator, Craig Murray said.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, last year, there were 13 deaths in construction zone accidents and more then 780 people injured. Officer Murray said people are getting hurt and getting killed, especially workers in these areas.

Fines for speeding in a construction zone can range from $150 to $500 and there will be no warnings given.

"Part of public safety is if someone needs to get a ticket they are going to get it. It means slow down, wear your seat belt, and pay attention," Officer Murray said.

This enforcement runs Monday, July 22 through Wednesday, July 31.