Tulsa Police Targeting Red Light Runners

This holiday, it's not the Christmas lights you should be paying attention to -- it's the stop lights. Starting today, Tulsa Police are watching for red light runners. Their focus is on Memorial Drive at intersections from 11th to 81st street.

Police will be randomly patrolling these intersections, often in unmarked cars and in groups. They are looking for people running red lights, making illegal u-turns, and turning right on red without coming to a complete stop.

Tulsa Police Officer Harold Goad says he has heard all the excuses for running red lights.

"A lot of times people will say I was in a hurry, and I didn't realize the light was going to change." said Goad.

Often people will tell Officer Goad the light was yellow.

"Yes, it was yellow when you entered the intersection," said Goad, "but you were late and it turned red while you were in it."

One red-light runner Channel 8 talked to said she didn't know you had to make a complete stop before turning right on red.

"I just thought I could slow down," said the anonymous driver. "No one was coming so I didn't think about it."

Red light runners won't get off with just a warning; It will cost them $200. Yellow light violators will get a $150 ticket.

Several intersections in Tulsa actually have electronic devices that signal police if you run the red light, even if the officer can't see the light change