Tulsa Public Schools Becomes More Aggressive in Teacher Search

Oklahoma is losing teachers to higher paying states. That's forcing Tulsa Public Schools to be more aggressive in hiring teachers.

Tulsa schools need 35 teachers. Monroe Dual Language Immersion lost a kindergarten teacher in January.

So far this year, the district has lost 71 teachers. Now the district is spending nearly 500-thousand dollars on a consulting company. The company has promised no vacancies at 12 high needs schools.

The company is teaching principals how to interview, recruit and keep teachers.

"You need to be able to do a lot of high touch with the candidate, call them, to woo them to also reach out to our student teachers already in the classroom," Talia Shaull, of Tulsa Public Schools

The district is also providing 2-thousand dollar signing bonuses for teachers who are certified in high school science and math, special education and foreign language.

Schools in The New Teacher Project:

  • Academy Central
  • Penn
  • McKinley
  • McClure
  • Hale JH
  • Hale HS
  • McLain 7th Grade Academy
  • McLain High School (8-12th grade)
  • Central JH
  • Central HS
  • Clinton MS
  • Webster HS

Turnover rate since the beginning of the school year (August 22): 71

The $2,000 recruitment stipend is for teachers accepting employment with the District that are properly certified in the areas listed below and will be teaching in that subject:

  • Special Education - certified in special education and one or more core secondary subjects, elementary education or early childhood education
  • Secondary - Math Analysis (5503, 5550), Algebra (5501, 5550, 5552), Geometry (5511, 5513, 5550, 5552), Calculus (5505, 5550), Trigonometry (5517, 5550), Statistics (5515, 5550), Intermediate Math (5552), Advanced Math (5550)
  • Secondary Science - Anatomy/Physiology (6001,6050), Biology (6003 or 6050), Botany (6005, 6050), Zoology (6017, 6050), Chemistry (6006), Earth Science (6009), Physical Science (6013, 6015, 6006), Physics (6015)
  • Foreign Language - French (2003, 3701), German (2005, 3703), Latin (2007, 3705), Russian (2006, 3709), Spanish (2011, 3711), Chinese (provision certification)