Tulsa Receives Award from Water Research Foundation

The Water Research Foundation announced today that it is giving the Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority (TMUA) it's Outstanding Subscriber Award for Applied Research.

"The Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority has played an active role in advancing research that has benefited the water community across a broad spectrum of issues, but most recently in the area of biofiltration," the Foundation announced. "TMUA used Water Research Foundation research to test and implement biolfiltration at its Mohawk Water Treatment Plant and have shared their experiences extensively with other water professionals and organizations.

"I am honored to present these awards to three very deserving recipients," said Rob Renner, WRF executive director, at the organizations conference in Boston. "The Foundation's mission to advance the science of water can only be fully realized when researchers and utilities are doing work which advances our understanding of critical issues and the application of sound resources and proven solutions."

"I want to congratulate TMUA on receiving this award and applaud the City employees who operate Tulsa's water supply, treatment and distribution systems, for the work they do every day," said Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett. "They continue to provide high-quality drinking water, not only to our Tulsa customers but to those neighboring communities which depend on Tulsa for their municipal water supplies."

The Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority operates the water and sewer systems for the City of Tulsa.